EVERYBODY: Pick up 5 Pieces of Plastic (5POP) every day & tell others to do the same. Commit & follow through.

KIDS: Commit to picking up 5 Pieces of Plastic (5POP) every day. Tell family members about what you are doing and why. Show them the Good Morning America YouTube video.  Tell all your friends and get them to commit. And be sure you wash your hands!

TEACHERS & PRINCIPALS: Show the Good Morning America YouTube video at a school assembly and ask the kids to take action by committing to picking up 5 Pieces of Plastic every day. It is most advantageous to do this as a school rather than by grade level or individual classes. We have no time to waste and we must mobilize all the kids! Go to our Sponsor A School page and ask your parent organization to donate a starter kit to your school. As soon as we can, this page will have a PowerPoint presentation that you can download, personalize for your school, & show at an assembly. Mobilize your army!

CIVIC LEADERS: Mobilize your local school districts & civic groups. You will be amazed at the change in your community when you see everybody pull together for a common goal. And go further by legislating for change. We can do it with your leadership. Be strong and do what you know is right!


  1. This is great! everyone picking up garbage! its gonna be amazing! this is really helping!

  2. i can’t wait till the world is clean again like a long time ago. Work together to make a difference.

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