Posted by: gwen | January 28, 2011

5POP: 7th Graders Get Distracted!

It was the Good Morning, America program on the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” that inspired us to action. Watch it and see how you feel about it. The problem is: we  are spending too much time worrying about ourselves more than the enviroment!

Our solution is cleaning up our enviroment everyday and making a difference!

On Day 1 we collected over six buckets of garbage and recyclables on our campus. However, clean up on campus today was somewhat of a disaster. We were not as successful picking up plastic, because some people in our class started to mess around which ticked off the teachers.This is a lesson to everyone. We should not mess around because we are wasting time that is valuable to our earth. The animals are depending on us!

Join the 5POP army!!!

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